Postaj! - do majstora brzo i lako

For Postaj, we delivered a comprehensive design solution for both their application and website,

enhancing their digital presence. Our efforts included the integration of a blog section on the website,

where we crafted keyword-optimized content, significantly boosting SEO. Our role extended to content

management, maintaining a consistent and engaging narrative across all platforms. We actively

managed their social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram, curating content that resonated with

their audience and drove engagement.

Additionally, we undertook direct sales activities, communicating with a database of companies that

eventually subscribed to Postaj’s services, playing a pivotal role in expanding their customer base. Our

involvement was not just limited to design and content; we developed a comprehensive 12-month

marketing strategy for Postaj, with a focus on monthly targets and goals. This strategy was tailored to

their specific market needs, ensuring a coherent and effective approach to their overall marketing


This multifaceted engagement with Postaj highlights our ability to deliver a full spectrum of digital

marketing services, from design and content creation to strategic planning and direct sales, driving

tangible results for our client."